Terms and Agreements of Use for “Tipic” Mobile Services Platform

  1. The agreements made between the Merchant and us shall include this Merchant Agreement for services platform and any application forms or texts of the agreement signed by the Merchant.
  2. In this Agreement, any reference to:

    (a) “we”, “us” or “our” are Cherrypicks Limited (“CP”);

    (b) “Merchant” or “Merchant’s” is to our merchant members;
    (c) “Agreement” is to the Merchant Agreement made between the Merchant and us for the use of the “Tipic” Mobile Services Platform and the terms of use updated from time to time. 

  3. This Agreement shall come into force on the commencement date.
  4. The Merchant commits to accept and comply with the content of this Agreement. If the Merchant does not agree to this Agreement, the Merchant should stop the application procedures or stop using the services of the platform.
  5. We reserve the rights to vary, amend, modify, abolish or add from time to time any terms and conditions of this Agreement, and we shall make an announcement by way of publishing on the platform without any separate notices for the Merchant. Once announced on the platform, the content and rules of the Agreement as varied shall come into force automatically. If the Merchant does not agree to the relevant variations, the Merchant should stop using the services of the platform immediately and inform us by notice in writing. If the Merchant continues to use the services of the platform, it indicates the Merchant’s agreement to the content and rules of the Agreement as amended
  6. We reserve the rights to ultimately accept or decline the applications of the Merchant for this services. 



Services of Platform

  1. The Merchant may upload images and push messages, e-stamp details through the “Tipic” Mobile Services Platform. The Merchant authorizes us and / or the service provider of this service to store, transmit or otherwise process any content uploaded by the Merchant on the “Tipic” Mobile Services Platform.
  2. Once connected, downloaded the mobile application and set the account information, content of e-stamps, the Merchant can immediately enjoy the “Tipic” Mobile Services Platform which includes the following services:

    (a) Merchant version of ”Tipic” Mobile Application
    (b) “Tipic” Merchant Management Platform (Website version)

  3. The Merchant shall provide accurate and correct information and data. If there are any errors or omissions, we shall assume no responsibilities and we shall have all final rights on the uploading of publicity material designs and content organization etc. The Merchant authorizes us and / or the service provider of this service to transmit or otherwise process and publish any content uploaded by the Merchant on the “Tipic” Mobile Services Platform, or to provide to third parties for advertising purpose. If the Merchant does not agree to provide any content uploaded on the “Tipic” Mobile Services Platform to third parties for advertising purpose, the Merchant may at any time raise an objection to us by writing.
  4. We may at any time change or cancel some or part of the services on the “Tipic” Mobile Services Platform in light of the factors such as the changes of technology, the services having become outdated, the introduction of new or different product features or the replacement of content providers etc. and when it is necessary to cancel, replace or enhance the content.



The Merchant’s Account on Services Platform

  1. After examination with our consent and the relevant application procedures, we will provide the Merchant with an independent account of “Tipic” Merchant Management Platform (“Account” or “Accounts”) and a password. The Merchant will be able to create additional users to access the “Tipic” Merchant Management Platform and create the users with account and passwords to access the Merchant version of “Tipic” Mobile Application. The Merchant should be responsible on its own for the security of the password and for any acts undertaken through that Account and password.
  2. Where any person can provide the relevant Account name and password, we will allow that person to know about the Account information of the Merchant and to change the Account content or services.
  3. Except with our consent, the Account and password shall not be assigned, gifted or inherited in any manners. If it is discovered that any person is misusing the Account or otherwise likely to be endangering the security of the Account or the platform, the Merchant should inform us immediately in an effective manner of requesting us to suspend the relevant services. We shall assume no responsibilities for the consequences of any actions taken (including but not limited to any losses of the Merchant).
  4. The Merchant should accurately furnish and timely update the contact information they provided, for example the email addresses, contact numbers and addresses etc., for our effective communication with the Merchant. The Merchant should be absolutely and solely liable for any losses or increases of costs arising from the course of using the services of the platform on the part of the Merchant due to the failure in the communication with the Merchant through these contact channels. The Merchant should assume all liabilities and should be liable for the damages for any losses caused to us.
  5. When applying for participating in the services of the platform or at the time of registration, the Merchant should accurately provide and timely update the information according to the directions given on the web page about registration, so as to make that information true, timely, complete and accurate. If there are any reasonable grounds for suspecting that the information provided by the Merchant are erroneous, untrue, outdated or incomplete, we shall have the rights to give an notice for inquiry and/or for request of a correction, and we shall have the rights to handle by way of deleting the corresponding information directly, or even to terminate in full or in part the use of the services of the platform on the part of the Merchant. We shall assume no responsibilities thereof, and the Merchant will be liable for any direct or indirect expenses arise therefrom. The Merchant should assume all liabilities and should be liable for the damages for any losses caused to us, the platform operator and the visitors / customers.
  6. The Merchant shall be liable at its own expenses for all tax payables arising from the course of using the services of the platform on the part of the Merchant and the costs of all hardware, software, services or otherwise except for those provided by this services platform.



Restrictions of Services Platform

  1. The Merchant is required to purchase the mobile communication equipment or devices on its own in order to enjoy the services provided by “Tipic” Mobile Services Platform and understands and agrees that such mobile communication equipment do not constitute part of this Agreement. The Merchant shall be responsible for ensuring that such mobile communication equipment or devices are compatible and could be used with the “Tipic” Mobile Services Platform.
  2. The “Tipic” Mobile Services Platform must connect with WIFI or mobile network for use. Therefore, the services of the “Tipic” Mobile Services Platform may be affected by the quality of WIFI or the mobile network.
  3. We will provide services to the Merchant with due care and skills, but we are not able to guarantee the continuance and error-free of the services. In the circumstances, the Merchant may not be able to continue to use the “Tipic” Mobile Services Platform, or the messages may not be able to be delivered, or the quality of services may be affected, for examples:

    (a) It is necessary for us to upgrade, repair or otherwise perform works to the “Tipic” Mobile Services Platform;

    (b) On the ground of factors that beyond our control, such as the performance or functional issues of the mobile phones or other devices of the Merchant’s, regulatory requirements, insufficient capacity, interruption of services on the part of the other suppliers, malfunction of other communication networks, influence of weather, or radio interference caused by physical obstacle.



Charges and Payment

  1. We may provide different subscription plans from time to time, and the subscription costs, as well as other fees and levies, may fluctuate. Any changes in subscription fees will be provided to the merchant with advance notice to allow the merchant to cancel the subscription before the change becomes effective.
  2. Except as specifically set forth below or as otherwise notified in writing by us, all fees and charges paid to us are non-refundable.
  3. To pay for any incurred and recurring fees, the merchant may be required to keep a valid payment method on file with us. The subscription will automatically renew, and the merchant permits us to collect the then-applicable fees from the merchant using any valid payment source we have on file.
  4. We reserve the right to set off and apply any and all monies or credits owed to merchants against any and all of the merchant’s obligations to us, whether or not the merchant’s such obligations arise from these terms or any invoices, orders, agreements, or contractual relationships between the merchant and us or any of our affiliates.
  5. We offer “Tipic” services to merchants on a free trial basis (“Free Trial”) for a period of time specified at our discretion. No refund of any amount paid shall be granted under any circumstances during the “Free Trial” period.
  6. A monthly subscription fee of HKD500 shall be charged on the first day after the free trial period. For example, merchant A joins the free trial on 1 Jun, then 1 Sep shall be the first day of the first billing cycle after the free trial and HKD500 will be charged on 1 Sep.
  7. At the end of each billing cycle, the merchant’s subscription will automatically renew under the exact same conditions unless the merchant cancels it or we cancel it. Merchants may inform us by notice in writing for cancellation of the subscription renewal.
  8. We may terminate the Services and the merchant’s account if the account is used for illegal, improper, defamatory or unlawful purposes. Termination by Cherrypicks Limited of the Terms shall be without prejudice to any rights or obligations, which arose prior to the date of termination.



Using the Services Platform Responsibly

  1. The Merchant shall not use the services platform or allow any other persons to use the services platform for illegal, improper, defamatory or unlawful purposes. 

    For examples:

    (a) fraudulent, criminal or any other illegal activities;

    (b) to infringe the rights, including copyright or other intellectual property right, of another person in any manners;

    (c) to copy, store, alter, separately publish or separately distribute the content in the services platform except that the Merchant have already obtained our permission;

    (d) to download, transmit or upload oversize or excess content or to download, transmit or upload content frequently which causes inconvenience to other users;

    (e) to impair any securities or other protections in any manners or to otherwise damage or interfere the services platform;

    (f) to use for the purposes of damaging us or our reputation or subjecting us or our reputation to any detriments;

    (g) to transmit messages of obscene, offensive, threatening, abusive, disturbing or menacing nature.

  2. The Merchant must cooperate with us, follow reasonable directions, ensure the proper use of the Merchant’s Accounts and keep the Merchant’s Accounts confidential. When using the services platform, the Merchant must comply with the laws or regulations of Hong Kong and the conditions of use that the platform issues or updates from time to time.
  3. We may restrict the use of the services platform (for example the messaging services or storage services), for example, we may restrict the message capacity or storage.



Suspension or Termination of Services

  1. We may at any time suspend or terminate the Merchant’s Accounts or any or all services if:

    (a) the Merchant fails to perform any terms in the Merchant Agreement;

    (b) We receive any serious complaints about the Merchant and we believe that the complaints are substantiated;

    (c) Any third-party suppliers cease to supply any of such things to us as are necessary for us to provide the Merchant with the services;

    (d) We consider that it is necessary to protect the standard or stability of the services platform;

    (e) The services platform or any relevant equipment has any failures or requires any enhancement or repair works;

    (f) In our reasonable opinion we believe that there is or there has been unauthorized, unlawful usage of the services platform or the services platform is or has been used by any fraudulent means or in any unreasonable manners, or the Merchant is causing or may cause damages or interferences to the services platform when using it;

    (g) The Merchant has become bankrupt, been wound up, entered into bankruptcy management, been received or been regarded as insolvent;

    (h) Any information submitted by the Merchant under or in pursuance of this Agreement is found to be false or untrue, or we have reasonable grounds to believe that the information concerned is false or untrue.

  2. In the event that we allow to suspend the Merchant’s Accounts or services in pursuance of the terms of this Agreement, all Accounts of the Merchant and services will be suspended.
  3. After the termination of services, the Merchant agrees that we and/or the service provider of the service still enjoy the rights:

    (a) To continue to retain the registration information of the Merchant and all transaction information during the period in which the Merchant used our services of the platform for a period of two years after the termination of services;

    (b) To claim the Merchant if there were any illegal conducts or any breaches of this Agreement during the period in which the Merchant used our services of the platform.




  1. We shall make no compensation or assume no responsibilities for any consequential, indirect, special, punitive, economic, incidental, ancillary or financial losses (including any losses of profits, goodwill, bargains or opportunities, or any losses of anticipated savings or business, whether or not the losses aforesaid arise from negligence or otherwise, and whether or not the losses arise from the contract or services or the failure of and delay in the provision of services).



Privacy Statement

  1. The Merchant shall have the rights to ensure that we may only use the personal data of the Merchant under the Merchant Agreement and our “Privacy Policy”. Our “Privacy Policy” shall not conflict with our obligations under the laws.
  2. The Merchant shall guarantee and claim that the data furnished in the application and other documentary proofs provided are true or complete. Where a change in the address or any other matters provided by the Merchant occurs which may affect the services we provide to the Merchant, the Merchant should, as soon as possible, inform us.



Intellectual Property Right

  1. All rights (including intellectual property right) of the services platform shall belong to GenesisNet Technology Limited, the owner of “Tipic” MOBILE SERVICES PLATFORM and the service provider for the platform services.
  2. All rights (including intellectual property right) in all content in the services platform shall belong to us or our licensed sources, for example, the content providers.
  3. All marks involving the services platform and its relevant images, signs and names shall be the patented marks of Cherrypicks Limited, GenesisNet Technology Limited or our licensed sources and shall not be used without written permission.



Other Terms

  1. The Merchant shall agree to indemnify us against all losses, damages or expenses we suffer that resulted from our enforcement of the Merchant Agreement due to the Merchant.
  2. No provision shall require us to verify whether or not the signatures or the marks purportedly made by or on behalf of the Merchant are authentic or have been authorized. All authorized signatory seals, company seals, personal seals, signatures or marks present in the Merchant Agreement shall be binding on the Merchant, and the Merchant has granted us an irrevocable power to execute in pursuance of any forms, letters or documents purportedly signed by or on behalf of the Merchant.
  3. Without our consent, the Merchant shall not assign to other persons or otherwise dispose of any rights or responsibilities (including the Accounts that we allocated to the Merchant) under this Agreement. We may, without the consent of the Merchant, at any time assign to a third party any or all rights or obligations under this Agreement.
  4. This Agreement is governed by the laws of Hong Kong, and the Merchant shall submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Hong Kong.
  5. This Agreement is written in Chinese and English languages, that both Chinese and English texts shall have the same effect. If there is any conflict between the Chinese text and the English text, the English text shall prevail.



Privacy Policy

  1. Cherrypicks Limited and/or our service providers(hereinafter referred to as “we”, “us” or “our”) respect the legal rights of privacy of the service users (hereinafter referred to as the “Merchant”) when collecting, storing, using and transmitting personal data, and this Privacy Policy explains our privacy practice. It is our policy to comply with the requirements of Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap 486) of the laws of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and of all relevant codes of practice and guidance notes issued by the Privacy Commissioner. For the implementation of this Policy, we will ensure the compliance by our staff with the strictest standards of security and confidentiality. Please read the following note carefully to understand our policy and practice regarding how the personal data provided by the Merchant will be treated.
  2. We will change this Policy and update the official website occasionally as the case requires. Please note the webpage to understand the relevant updates.
  3. “Personal Data” means any personal identification data or sensitive data (such as names, contact particulars) from which it is practicable to ascertain the relevant person’s identity.
  4. We may from time to time request the Merchant to provide personal data, including but not limited to the name, telephone number, facsimile number, postal address and email address of the responsible person of the Merchant. If the Merchant refuses to provide these data, it may lead to our failure in proceeding any applications or requests submitted by the Merchant, or the failure of the Merchant in using our services.
  5. We may automatically collect the information about the Merchant using our services, such as the number of e-stamps redeemed, the content of advertisements uploaded etc., so as to report accurately and manage the account of the Merchant.
  6. When applying for and/or continuously using any of our services and/or products, the Merchant may be required to provide us with the personal data of the responsible person of the Merchant. If the personal data of the responsible person of the Merchant provided by the Merchant is incomplete or false, we may not be able to provide or continue to provide the Merchant with the services required. We will always keep the personal data of the responsible person of the Merchant confidential. Our policy and codes of practice regarding the collection, usage, retaining, disclosure, transfer, security and inspection of personal data shall comply with the requirements of that ordinance and this statement. We may use or retain the personal data provided by the Merchant for any of the following purposes and for such other purposes as agreed by both parties from time to time or as required by the laws:

    i. To proceed the Merchant’s applications and to provide services;

    ii. With the consent of the Merchant, to use the personal data (including the name, telephone number, email address, position, correspondence address) of the responsible person of the Merchant for publicizing our newest releases and promotion activities. We will provide the Merchant with the relevant promotional information by means of direct marketing calls, emails, electronic messages and posts;

    iii. To proceed the relevant preferences provided to the Merchant in light of each service, and to conduct marketing research in order to enhance services quality or experience; to analyze, verify and/or review the payment and/or account status of the Merchant in respect of the provision of services;

    iv. To facilitate the daily operation of the account of the Merchant, to provide customer services and/or to receive the outstanding service charges in the account of the Merchant;

    v. To allow us to prevent the commission of a crime.

  7. We may disclose and transfer the personal data of the responsible person of the Merchant to any person (whether in Hong Kong or elsewhere) below, and may use, disclose, treat or keep the personal data of the responsible person of the Merchant for the above purposes:

    i. Our service providers (including information technology, customer services) in respect of the provision of the relevant services;

    ii. Our partners;
    iii. Regulatory authorities, law enforcement agencies and courts; and

    iv. Our professional consultants.

  8. The personal data of the responsible person of the Merchant however stored will only be inspected by our employees or service providers who are authorized to inspect such data. Any personal data stored electronically will be kept by the protected server with password security (or with any other equivalent security measures) and shall only be inspected by our authorized personnel or our service providers. The employees and service providers designated to treat the personal data shall only be asked to treat such personal data in accordance with the requirements of this personal data collection statement.
  9. If for any reasons (including to recover from the responsible person of the Merchant any amounts the Merchant due to us) it is necessary for us to take actions against the Merchant, the responsible person of the Merchant agrees that the personal data provided can be relied on for identifying the responsible person of the Merchant and for taking legal actions against the responsible person of the Merchant.
  10. If the Merchant requests to (i) inspect or correct the data, (ii) provide general information about our policy and practice of personal data, and (iii) provide the types of personal data we held, or for general enquiries and complaints, please contact our data protection officer in writing:
        Personal Data Privacy Officer 
        Cherrypicks Limited (Marked “Confidential”)
        Address: 18/F, 10 Knutsford Terrace, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
  11. We will keep the personal data of the responsible person of the Merchant for such a period of time as required for the purpose of collecting such personal data. We may also keep the files of the personal data for the purpose of statistics. Unless we are required to retain the personal data in order to comply with the legal, regulatory or accounting requirements or protect our benefits, such personal data will be destroyed.

June 2022







  1. 商戶與我們簽訂的協議包括本服務平台商戶協議,以及商戶曾簽署的任何申請表格或協議文本。
  2. 本協議中,凡提及:

    (a) 「我們」或「我們的」指創奇思有限公司 (“CP”);

    (b) 「商戶」或「商戶的」, 即我們的商戶會員;

    (c) 「協議」,指商戶與我們簽訂有關使用Tipic流動服務平台商戶協議不時更新的使用細則;

  3. 除非按照本協議提前終止,本協議將於啟用日期起生效。
  4. 商戶承諾接受並遵守本協議內容。如果不同意本協議的約定,商戶應立即停止申請程序或停止使用平台服務。
  5. 我們保留隨時變更、修訂、修改、取消或增補本協議條款及條件的權利,並以平台公示的方式進行公告,無須單獨通知商戶。變更後的協議內容和規則一經在平台公佈後,立即自動生效。如商戶不同意相關變更,應當立即停止使用平台服務,並須以書面通知我們。若商戶繼續使用平台服務,即表示接受經修訂的協議內容和規則。
  6. 我們保留最終接受或拒絕商戶申請本服務的權利。




  1. 商戶可透過Tipic流動服務平台上載圖片、推送訊息及電子印花詳情。商戶授權我們及平台服務的服務供應商為商戶儲存、傳送或以其他方式處理商戶於Tipic流動服務平台所上載的任何內容。
  2. 一經連線、下載手機程式及設定賬戶資料及優惠劵內容後,商戶即可享用Tipic流動服務平台,服務內容包括:

    (a) Tipic商戶版手機程式

    (b) Tipic商戶管理平台 (網頁版)

  3. 商戶須提供準確無誤的資料及數據,若有誤差和遺漏,我們概不負責,且我們擁有所有上載宣傳資料設計及內容編排等的最終決定權。商戶授權我們及平台服務的服務供應商傳送、以其他方式處理及刊登商戶於Tipic流動服務平台所上載的任何內容、或提供予第三方作宣傳用途。若商戶不同意將Tipic流動服務平台所上載的任何內容提供予第三方作宣傳用途,商戶可以隨時透過書面方式,向我們提出。
  4. 我們可因應技術變更、服務已不合時宜、推出嶄新或不同的產品功能、更換內容供應商等因素,以及在有需要取消、取替或改進內容時,隨時更改或取消Tipic流動服務平台中某些或部分服務。




  1. 經我們審批同意及完成相關申請程序後,我們將為商戶提供獨立的Tipic商戶管理平台賬戶(「賬戶」)和提供密碼。商戶需在每一間參與的分店安裝Tipic應用程式及建立Tipic管家賬戶和提供密碼,方可於服務生效日起使用平台服務。商戶應自行負責密碼的保密安全,以及對透過該賬戶和密碼實施的行為負責。
  2. 凡任何人士能提供相關賬戶名稱及密碼,我們將容許該名人士得悉商戶的賬戶資料以及改動賬戶內容或服務。
  3. 除非徵得我們的同意,否則,賬戶和密碼不得以任何方式轉讓、贈與或繼承。如果發現任何人不當使用賬戶或有任何其他可能危及賬戶或平台安全的情形時,商戶應當立即以有效方式通知我們,要求我們暫停相關服務。我們對採取行動產生的後果(包括但不限於商戶的任何損失)不承擔任何責任。
  4. 商戶應當準確填寫並及時更新商戶提供的電子郵件地址、聯繫電話、聯繫地址等聯繫方式,以便我們能與商戶進行有效聯繫。因通過這些聯繫方式無法與商戶取得聯繫,導致商戶在使用平台服務過程中產生任何損失或增加費用的,應由商戶完全獨自承擔;給我們造成任何損失,均應由商戶承擔全部法律及賠償責任。 
  5. 商戶在申請參加平台服務,或在註冊時,應當按照註冊頁面的提示準確提供,並及時更新資料,以使之真實、及時,完整和準確。如有合理理由懷疑商戶提供的資料錯誤、不實、過時或不完整的,我們有權向商戶發出詢問及/或要求改正的通知,並有權直接做出刪除相應資料的處理,甚至終止商戶使用部分或全部平台服務。我們對此不承擔任何責任,商戶將承擔因此產生的任何直接或間接支出。給我們、平台營運人及旅客/顧客造成任何損失,均應由商戶承擔全部法律及賠償責任。
  6. 商戶在使用平台服務過程中,所產生的應納稅賦,以及除本服務平台提供以外的一切硬件、軟件、服務及其他方面的費用,均由商戶自行承擔。




  1. 商戶需自行購買流動通訊設備或器材以享用Tipic流動服務平台,並明白及同意該流動通訊設備並不構成本協議的一部份,而商戶有責任確保該流動通訊設備或器材可兼容並可與Tipic流動服務平台一併使用。
  2. Tipic流動服務平台必須與WIFI或流動網絡連線才可使用,故Tipic流動服務平台的服務可能會因WIFI或流動網絡的質素而受影響。
  3. 我們會以應有的謹慎及技能為商戶提供服務,但我們不能保證服務是持續或無誤的。在某些情況下,商戶或會未能繼續使用Tipic流動服務平台,或是訊息未能傳送,又或是服務質素受影響,例如:

    (a) 我們有必要對流動Tipic服務平台進行升級、維修或其他工作;

    (b) 基於我們無法控制的因素,例如商戶的手機或其他裝置的性能或功能問題、監管規定、容量不足、其他供應商服務中斷、其他通訊網絡產生故障、天氣影響、受到實質障礙物引致的無線電干擾現象。




  1. 我們可能會不時提供不同的訂閱計劃,因此訂閱費用及其他費用、徵費可能會波動。我們將提前通知商戶訂閱費用的任何變更,以便商戶在變更生效前取消訂閱。
  2. 除下文特別說明或我們另行書面通知外,所有向我們支付的費用和收費均不予退還。
  3. 為了支付任何過往和經常性的費用,商家可能需要提供有效的付款方式給予我們保存。訂閱將自動續訂,商家亦允許我們使用保存的任何有效付款方式向商家收取適用於當時的費用。
  4. 我們保留向商家追討任何和所有拖欠款項或信貸的所有義務和權利,無論商家的此類義務是否來自這些條款、或任何發票、訂單、協議、或商家與我們或任何關聯公司的合約關係。
  5. 我們為商家提供Tipic免費試用服務,免費試用的期限取決於我們當時的考慮。在“免費試用”期間的任何情況下均不退還任何已支付的金額。
  6. 我們將於免費試用期結束後的第一天收取每月 HKD500 的訂閱費。例如,商戶甲於 6 月 1 日加入免費試用服務,則 9 月 1 日為免費試用後第一個計費周期的第一天,我們亦將於 9 月 1 日收取 HKD500。
  7. 在每個計費周期結束時,除非商家取消或我們取消,否則商家的訂閱將在完全相同的條件下自動續訂。商家可以書面聯繫我們以取消續訂。
  8. 如果帳戶被用於違法、不當、誹謗或非法目的,我們將會終止其服務和商家帳戶。 創奇思有限公司終止本條款的行為不應損害在終止日期之前產生的任何權利或義務。




  1. 商戶不得使用服務平台或容許任何其他人士使用服務平台,作非法、不當、誹謗性質或違法用途。例如:

    (a) 欺詐、刑事或其他任何非法活動;
    (b) 以任何方式侵犯另一人的權利,包括版權或其他知識產權;
    (c) 複製、儲存、改動、另行發佈或另行分發服務平台內之內容,如商戶已獲得我們的許可則不在此限;
    (d) 下載、傳送或上載容量過大、數量過多的內容或過份頻密地下載、傳送或上載內容,為其他使用者帶來不便;
    (e) 以任何方式侵害任何安全性或其他保障或以任何其他方式損害或干擾服務平台;
    (f) 作可損害或對我們或我們的聲譽不利的用途;
    (g) 傳送淫褻、令人反感、辱罵性、恐嚇性、騷擾性或威脅性訊息。

  2. 商戶必須與我們合作,跟從合理指示,確保正確使用及加以保密商戶的賬戶。使用服務平台時,商戶必須遵循香港的法律、法規及平台不時發出或更新的使用細則。
  3. 我們可限制服務平台(如訊息服務或儲存服務)的使用,例如:可限制訊息容量或儲存空間。




  1. 如發生下列情況,我們可於任何時間暫停或終止商戶的賬戶或任何或全部服務: 
    (a) 商戶未有履行商戶的協議內任何條款;
    (b) 我們接獲關於商戶的嚴重投訴,而我們相信投訴屬實;
    (c) 任何第三者供應商停止向我們提供任何事物,而該事物是我們向商戶提供服務的必要元素;
    (d) 我們認為有必要保障服務平台的水準或穩定性;
    (e) 服務平台或任何相關的設備產生故障或需要進行改進或維修工作;
    (f) 根據我們的合理意見,認為出現或已經出現擅自、違法、以欺詐手段或不合理的方式使用服務平台的情況或商戶在使用服務平台時正在對或可能會對服務平台造成損害或干擾;
    (g) 商戶已破產、遭清盤、達成破產管理、遭接管或被視為無償債能力,或我們在其他方面合理地相信商戶將無能力清繳到期的各項費用;
    (h) 商戶在本協議下或依本協議所提交的任何資料被發現為虛假或失實,或我們有合理理由相信有關資料是虛假或失實的。
  2. 倘我們依本協議條款的允許暫停商戶的賬戶或服務,則商戶的所有賬戶與服務將暫停。
  3. 終止服務後,商戶同意我們及平台服務的服務供應商仍享有下列權利:
    (a) 繼續保存商戶的註冊資訊及商戶使用我們平台服務期間的所有交易資訊至終止服務後兩年為期;
    (b) 商戶在使用我們平台服務期間存在違法行為或違反本承諾書和/或規則的行為的,我們仍向商戶主張權利。




  1. 我們毋須就任何相應而生、間接 、特殊、懲罰性、 經濟、附帶 、 附屬或財政的損失 (包括任何利潤、商譽、議價或機會上的損失,或任何預期節約或業務的損失 ,不論上述損失是否因疏忽或其他原因而產生 , 亦不論損失是否因合約,服務或未能提供或延遲提供服務而產生) 作出任何賠償或承擔任何責任。




  1. 商戶有權確保我們只可根據商戶的協議及我們的《私隱政策》使用商戶的個人資料。我們的《私隱政策》不會與我們在法律下的義務有所抵觸。
  2. 商戶須保證並聲稱商戶的申請內所填報的資料和提供的其他證明文件均屬真確、完整。若商戶向我們提供的地址或任何其他事項有變更,並可能影響我們為商戶提供的服務,商戶需盡快通知我們。




  1. 服務平台的所有權利(包括知識產權),均屬於GenesisNet Technology Limited、Tipic流動服務平台的所有者及平台服務的服務供應商。
  2. 服務平台內之所有內容中的所有權利(包括知識產權),均屬於我們或我們的特許來源,如內容供應商。
  3. 凡涉及服務平台與其相關形象、標誌及名稱,均屬於創奇思有限公司及GenesisNet Technology Limited的專利標記,未經書面許可,不可使用。




  1. 商戶須同意,倘我們因商戶而須強制執行商戶的協議而導致我們蒙受的一切損失、損害或開支,商戶須就此對我們作出彌償。
  2. 對於看來是商戶或代表商戶的簽署或標記是否真確或是否已獲授權,並無條文規定我們須加以驗證。凡在商戶的協議內出現的任何獲授權的簽署人印鑑、公司印鑑、私人印章、簽署或標記均對商戶構成約束力,而我們不可撤銷地獲授權可依據看來是由商戶簽署或代表商戶簽署的任何表格、信件或文件。
  3. 未得我們同意之前,商戶不可將本協議的任何權利或責任(包括我們分配予商戶之賬戶)轉讓予他人或以其他形式處置。在毋須商戶同意的情況下,我們可以於任何時間將本協議任何或所有權利或義務轉讓予第三者。 
  4. 本協議受香港法律規限,商戶須接受香港法院非獨有的司法管轄權管轄。
  5. 本協議以中、英文書寫,而中、英文文本均具有同等效力,中英文本之間如有衝突,以英文文本為準。




  1. 創奇思有限公司或我們的服務供應商(以下簡稱「我們」、「我們的」)在收集、儲存、使用及傳送個人資料時尊重服務使用者(以下簡稱「商戶」)的私隱法律權利,而此私隱政策會說明我們的私隱實務。我們的政策是遵守香港特別行政區法例第486章《個人資料(私隱)條例》及私隱專員發出的所有有關實務守則及指引的規定。為執行此政策,我們將確保我們的職員依循在保安及保密方面的最嚴格標準。請細閱下文,以了解我們關於將如何處理商戶所提交的個人資料之政策及實務。
  2. 我們將根據情況所需不定期更改此政策並更新官方網頁,請留意該頁面以了解有關更新。
  3. 「個人資料」指任何個人識別資料或敏感性資料﹝例如:姓名、聯絡詳情﹞,從該等資料確定有關的個人身份是切實可行的。
  4. 我們或會不時要求商戶提供個人資料,包括但不限於商戶負責人的姓名、電話號碼、傳真號碼、郵寄地址及電郵地址等。如商戶拒絕提供此等資料,可能令我們無法辦理商戶提交的任何申請或要求,又或使商戶無法使用我們的服務。   
  5. 我們可能自動收集關於商戶使用我們服務的資料,例如已兌換的電子印花數量、上載廣告的內容等,以便準確報告和管理商戶的賬戶。
  6. 商戶向我們申請及/或持續使用任何服務及/或產品時,或須向我們提供商戶負責人的個人資料。若商戶提供的商戶負責人的個人資料不全或失實,我們可能無法向商戶提供或繼續提供所需的服務。我們時刻均會保密商戶負責人的個人資料。我們收集、使用、保留、披露、轉移、保安和查閱個人資料的政策及實務守則,一律遵從該條例及本聲明的規定。我們可使用和保留商戶提供的個人資料作以下任何用途,以及作雙方不時協定或法律規定的其他用途: 
    (a) 辦理商戶的服務申請及提供服務;  
    (b) 在商戶同意的情況下,使用商戶負責人的個人資料(包括姓名、電話號碼、電郵地址、職位、通訊地址)推銷有關我們最新動向和推廣活動。我們會以直銷電話、電郵、電子訊息和郵件等方式向商戶提供有關推廣資料; 
    (c) 辦理因應各項服務而向商戶提供的相關優惠及作市場研究以提升服務質素或體驗;
    (d) 促進商戶賬戶日常運作、提供顧客服務及/或收取商戶賬戶尚欠的服務收費;
    (e) 讓我們能防止罪行的發生。
  7. 我們可向(不論在香港或海外)下列各方披露及轉移商戶負責人的個人資料,並可就以上目的使用、披露、處理或保存商戶負責人的個人資料:
    (a) 我們的服務供應商 (包括資訊技術、客戶服務) 就提供有關服務;
    (b) 我們的合作夥伴;
    (c) 規管當局、執法機構及法院;
    (d) 我們的專業顧問。
  8. 商戶負責人的個人資料不論如何儲存,將只限於我們已獲授權查閱該等資料的僱員或服務供應商方可查閱。凡以電子方式儲存的個人資料,將以被保護的伺服器保存,並將加有密碼保障(或以某種等同形式的保障措施),以及只限於我們的獲授權人員或我們的服務供應商方可查閱。被指定負責處理個人資料的僱員及服務供應商,只在按照本收集個人資料聲明的規定下方會被指示進行相關處理。  
  9. 若基於任何理由(包括向商戶負責人追討商戶欠我們的任何款項),我們有必要對商戶採取行動時,商戶負責人同意所提供的個人資料是可以作為識別商戶負責人的身份及對商戶負責人採取法律行動時的依據。 
  10. 如商戶要求 (i) 查閱或改正資料、(ii) 提供關於我們對個人資料的政策及實務的一般資訊及 (iii) 提供我們所持個人資料的種類,如有一般疑問及投訴,歡迎以書面與我們的資料保護主任聯絡:   
  11. 我們會在為達到收集商戶負責人個人資料的目的所需的時間內保存該等資料。我們亦可為統計目的而保存個人資料檔案。除非我們為了符合法律、監管或會計上的要求或為了保障我們的利益而須予以保留外,該等個人資料將被銷毀。