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About Tipic Mobile App

Tipic is a crossbrand consumer estamp platform. Customers can collect and redeem stamps from different registered merchants on Tipic platform. By promoting the synergy among merchants, we together accelerate the recovery of the local economy!


e-Coupon campaigns​

e-Stamp campaigns​​

All-round e-commerce Platform

Provide a one-stop convenient and secured online shopping experience for your customers!

✔ Easy setup of an online store

✔ Set featured products

✔ Sort products by Categories

✔ Shopping Cart

✔ Secured payment with different payment methods

e-Stamp campaigns

Setup your e-Stamp campaigns to encourage customers. The amount of spending to gain one e-Stamp can be tailored according to your needs. You have full control on the outlook of the e-Stamps, campaign period, number of e-Stamps to redeem gifts, etc.
e-Stamps can be distributed to users by a mobile phone with our Keeper app. No hardware installation is needed.

e-Coupon campaigns

Distribute different e-Coupons to customers through the INSTORE platform, reminding old customers about new offers in the store, and actively reminding customers to come back and spend.

CMS for store management

Merchants can update their info or campaigns anytime. Functions of the CMS include:

  • Merchant information management
  • e-Stamps management
  • e-Coupons management
  • Send out push notifications
  • View reports available
    ie. e-Stamps distribution / transfer / redemption, gift or e-Coupon redemption

And more…

Data report for business
performance analysis

With Tableau integrated into the CMS and show the reports as dashboard

  • easy visualization
  • manage the the visualization with flexibility like controlling the date range, coupon type and etc
  • facilitate HKTB to work on market insight and customer retention in future

Standard reports and dashboard (via Tableau)

  • Active member
  • Engagement
  • User profile
  • e-Coupon performance
  • e-Coupon transaction report (excel format) 

No PC? No problem!

INSTORE is PC and mobile friendly. The “Keeper” mobile app allows merchants to easily manage store content anytime, anywhere.

  • Distribute e-Stamps
  • Adjust e-Stamps
  • Redeem gifts
  • Redeem e-Coupons
  • Browse exchange history and reports

How To Use

With Tipic, increase customer loyalty with just one app

Use push messages to notify customers of latest offers or rewards

Simply scan customers' QR code to issue e-stamps or redeem rewards

With Tipic, let customers enjoy citywide cross-brand rewards now!

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